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two bridges hotel
The Old School Guest House
two bridges hotel
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There are two bridges hotel Dartmoor. First, the heart of the 300 square mile plateau: apparently endless, rolling moorland and hills broken only by the two bridges hotel grotesque tors – contortions of granite – on the summits. Here is the nearest thing to wilderness in Southern Britain. Second, around this central two bridges hotel area, and still within the National Park, lie the wooded valleys (cleaves is the local word), twisting lanes and grey farmhouses where the green fields begin.

In its isolation, two bridges hotel Dartmoor has preserved an enormous number of prehistoric remains. There are hut circles, standing stones, burial chambers, stone rows and crosses, dating from any time after 1800 B.C., all in settings of loneliness and power. Relatively modern are the spoil heaps and gullies made by the tin miners who flourished in the 12th and 15th centuries, though they were there in the two bridges hotel Bronze Age and did not finally depart until the 1920s.

Height and the nearby coast combine to produce wet and swiftly changing weather. Winds can be fierce, and the fogs descend in minutes, adding to the danger of two bridges hotel bogs anything from a yard to a mile across. To avoid the latter, watch for the tell-tale vivid green Sphagnum moss and keep well clear of where it grows.

Hardly a year goes by without a well-publicized case of exposure on Dartmoor; often enough, victims find they have spent their chastening night out within yards of a two bridges hotel road which was nonetheless hidden by fog or snow. Anyone walking the area, with or without a planned route, is urged to know and heed two bridges hotel safety advice.

Harberton’s Church House is one of a family of two bridges hotel inns in south-west Devon which were originally built to house masons working on church buildings. There has been a church in Harberton since perhaps the tenth century, and the foundations of the present St Andrew’s were laid by Roger de Nonant who was granted the manor by Henry I in 1104. But the Church House dates back to the rebuilding during the fourteenth century which transformed the Norman church in the magnificent Perpendicular edifice that stands today. The Church house itself, although only intended as a temporary lodging for workmen, was endowed as a separate chantry after the completion of two bridges hotel St Andrew’s and became for a while the home of a group of monks. Built of stone and Devon cob, the principal apartments of the building were originally a great hall in which the monks ate and slept, a chapel in which they prayed for the soul of their benefactor, (this being the principal concern of a chantry) and a small workshop. It is likely that the small community also taught the two bridges hotel village children to read and write, a task frequently undertaken by chantry priests to supplement their income. Although the great hall has now been divided up into different bars, it still retains the spaciousness of those times and contains an oak screen unearthed a few years ago during restoration work and some magnificently carved beams in the ceiling. A small window in an inner wall also contains some medieval stained glass which may be thirteenth century.

Chantries were dissolved in the 1530s, at the same time as their parent monasteries, and the monks of Harberton – there were probably no more than half a dozen of them – when their separate ways. Probably at this point the vicar decided to put the now redundant two bridges hotel building to good and profitable use by brewing and selling church ales, which would have helped to eke out his living.

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